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We are shutting down

For more than two years this site has been involved in a legal battle regarding our right to use the name “Tahoe Ski Bum.” We have been in Small Claims Court, California Superior Court, the United States Patent and Trademark Court, and United States Federal Court. It’s been an utterly exhausting process.

Although we believe we have every right to the name and although we are owners of a registered trademark for the name “Tahoe Ski Bum” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the stark reality is that continuing to defend our right to use the name will cost us tens of thousands of dollars that we don’t have. When we started this site we hoped it would bring a sense of community for all that are a part of the ski culture in Tahoe, instead it has caused division. Even if we did have the means and energy to fight, there comes a point where you just have to ask, “Why?”

My wife and I have decided that it’s best for us and our family to move on from this ordeal. To that end, we have signed an agreement with the party we have had this conflict with to settle all claims. There has been a lot written and said, both before our settlement was reached and since it was signed, and most of what’s been written and shared is simply not true.

Our goal was always to bring positive vibes to the Tahoe region and we signed our settlement simply out of an effort to move on. Contrary to what some are saying, our settlement was not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. We continue to believe we had every right to use the name. We just wanted to move on.

In the next few days, our site will be shut down, the tahoeskibum.com domain will be transferred to a new owner and all of our social media accounts will be deleted. All operations will be completely shut down.

This is a very sad day for us. When my wife Monica and I started Tahoe Ski Bum we believed it was the perfect business for us. We brought experience from running other blogs and social media accounts and I had two years of experience blogging in the ski industry. We felt Tahoe Ski Bum filled a void, was a defined niche, and I had limitless energy for working on growing our platform.

Monica was eight months pregnant with our third child when we were staying up until one or two o’clock in the morning trying to put the finishing touches on the site for our launch. We went live just a few days before our daughter was born.

A friend who’s into boating always carries a knife with him when he’s on the water. He says that if you’re ever towing a boat and the boat that you’re towing is pulling you under, you need to have that knife so you can cut the rope and survive. In some ways, I feel like that’s what we’re doing now. Monica and I have a lot of good things going on in our life and we should be prospering, but this lawsuit has been pulling us under. So we’ve cut the rope. That doesn’t mean we haven’t shed a few tears as we’ve watched the other boat go under.

I want to thank all of our bloggers and team members who helped make our site what it was. I also want to thank all of our readers and followers who helped create such a vibrant community. It’s been fun, but it’s time to call it.

If you’d like to stay in touch, my wife and I have a lifestyle design and travel blog. You can find us at FamilyTrek.org and like Family Trek on Facebook. You can also sign up for my Family Trek and unWorking email list.

We’ve cut the rope and our boat has sunk. Sad as it is to see that boat go down, the good news is that we are still afloat. We’ll live to see another day, and who knows what tomorrow holds.

Clark Vandeventer

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